As practicing professionals we are intimately acquainted with the workings and personae of the South African dance industry. From hip hop to classical ballet there is a style to suit every personality.

Whether you have a leaning towards Latin American, or Ballroom, the Argentine Tango or Salsa, there is a highly skilled teacher able to help you on your way. Perhaps you are intrigued by break dancing or drawn, on the other hand, to jazz; perhaps you are already adept at contemporary and modern dance. There are experienced coaches able to take you further.

People’s interest in dance ranges from the high commitment of the aspiring professional all the way to the more casual commitment of those who simply wish to experience the joy of movement. There are some with long term goals, looking for a way to become fit, improve their co-ordination and build confidence, and others with short term goals: some, for instance, only want to prepare a dance for one very special occasion!

We are able to help you find:
-affordable private or group lessons that are suited to your particular purpose
-choreographers for special occasions (weddings or other)
-organisers of dance based team-building events for corporations

as well as
-an appropriate studio or venue for any such events and celebrations.

For further information, please email us: